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Why Print Photos in the Age of Digital?

These days, almost every client I work with asks for high resolution files of the images I create for them. It’s become pretty ingrained in our culture to want the printing rights to your photos, and to easily have the ability to share photos on social media. I understand it! We live in a world of digital.
But do your photos ever make it off your camera/computer/the web?
A friend recently posted this Canon Pixma ad to Facebook and it captures, in a humorous way, the shift that’s happened since social media became the platform we primarily use for sharing photos. What happened to printing our cherished images? When surrounded by hundreds, even thousands, of images online, the most significant and treasured photos become part of the noise. If a photo captures our loved ones so perfectly, reminds us of places we love, refreshes a precious memory, or simply stirs our hearts with its beauty, aren’t we missing out if we have to log in to a social media site to see it?
View the ad here:

I will be honest to say I’m really guilty of taking a TON of photos, only to have them sit on a hard drive (many gems don’t even make it to social media because I never take the time to post them!) I also possess several frames that have yet to be filled, and have several blank walls in my home that are screaming to be decorated.
Today, I challenge you to find ONE photo you love, and either print it yourself or send it off to have a real photo print made. You won’t be sorry.