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Nate and Kelly’s Lincoln Park Chicago Family Portraits

This November I had the opportunity to photograph family portraits for Nate & Kelly – long-time family friends from Iowa who also reside in Chicago now.  It was a chilly but beautiful fall morning, and Lincoln Park provided a perfect setting for some fall color.

Liz & Daniel’s Lincoln Park Engagement Nature-Extravaganza

Liz & Daniel are big-time nature-lovers and seemed a little unsure about having a Chicago engagement session – I, however, knew of the many wonders of Chicago’s Lincoln Park, and convinced them to make the trip down from Deerfield.  Here are some of my favorites from this very sweet (an very much in love!) couple:


Lately, I’ve been stressing about school and work and RAing and lots of stuff.

Hmm, maybe it’s because I’ve seen the Broadway musical Wicked once and Annie twice in the last week…

Oh, and don’t forget the Lincoln Park zoo last Sunday after church…

I went to the grand opening service of Willow Creek Chicago this morning, which conveniently meets in Auditorium Theatre, across the street from my building. It was interesting… parts were great, but Josiah and I aren’t really sure it’s where we want to be quite yet. Give it a couple weeks. The opening song/drama: and Evanescence song “Wake me up inside.” For a first Sunday, it had pretty good attendance… we had to be seated in the upper balcony, the auditorium seats roughly 3,900 people and I would say at least 3,000 were filled. Crazy.

On one more side note, I would like to offer an invitation for Waverly people to come visit me in Chicago – let’s go catch some Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and go to “Wicked” – this musical is utterly amazing. Amazing!